Ik Mulaqaat Remix by DJ Lemon | Ayushmann Khurrana, Nushrat Bharucha
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Remix by DJ Lemon
Produced by DJ Lemon & Delhiites Group
Video by VJ Tarang Studios
Conceptualised by Sagar Sondhi
Original Song Credits:
Music - Meet Bros
Singers - Meet Bros Ft.Altamash Faridi & Palak Muchhal
Lyrics - Shabbir Ahmed
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    Ehsaan Kiya Usne Mujhe Pyaar Sikha Kar, Kya Hoti Hai Chahat Ye Mujh Ko Bata Kar, Judai Hota Hai Pyaar Ka Asli Matlab, Chod Diya Mera Saath Bas Itna Batakar.

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    Ayushman is Awesome

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  • Mere Saath Sex Karoge
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  • Mere Saath Sex Karoge
    Mere Saath Sex Karoge

    Any college student here love you


    I will squeeze the lemon for making such a great remix😒😒

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    Truely inspiration of me @djlemon❤️😘

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